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Marriage of Mary To Joseph the Carpenter & More

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Recently we wrote a few articles on the history of marriage i.e., when girls were married off. You can click on them articles, here and here. This article examines how old Joseph the Carpenter was, when he married Mary mother of Jesus.

1. What is the definition of Apocrypha?

If you ask any Christian what the word ‘Apocrypha’ means, they would say something along the lines, “it means it is not authentic or spurious.” In other words it is fake. This is a recent meaning. Originally ‘Apocrypha’ meant “secret” or “hidden”, this was the ancient meaning.

James Vanderkan

Apocrypha is a plural word (singular: apocryphan) thatoriginally denoted hidden or secret writings, to be read only by initiates into a given Christian group.”[1]

Zlatko Plese

“The term apocryphan signifies “that which is hidden” or “concealed”– some intimate secret shared only by the chosen few.”[2]

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